Granite City and Wright County Kennel Clubs
in partnership with

OFA Hips: $190

OFA Elbows: $125

(Hips & Elbows: $305 or Hips/Elbows/Patellas: $355)

 Sedation for above will be used only if needed and is an additional cost

OFA Patellas: $60

OFA Trachea: $155

OFA Dentition: $60

~All OFA Service Pricing does not include OFA Application Fees~

Microchip: $55 (discounted to $50 each additional) Includes registration

Register for services:

Complete Application(s) at the OFA Website and print or email to us to have at the clinic.

Appointments will be set once the judging program is out – walk-ins may be available if time allows.

For more information: